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The broker was introduced by a friend. The deal was complicated, however with many hours of telephone calls and emails, the broker managed to get an offer letter. this was great. always friendly and approachable. however, sadly the seller pull out of the deal. We will be returning once we found another property.

Mr N, Birmingham property investment

i was introduced by a friend to Icthus Consultants. Great service. Although the whole process was delayed, the broker dealt with the process professionally and explained delays with bank and legal work. At the end, very happy how everything turned out.

Mr P, Supermarket

The broker was introduced by the Solicitors who i deal. The Broker was friendly, approachable and always explained the process with realistic time scales. Dealt with the Sellers, solicitors and agents which made my life easier. I have already recommended him to many family members.

Mr S, Take away business in Stafford

we initially called the broker to check the cost and time involved with arranging finance. We were impressed with the information given and very clear and realistic with the timing. We. decided to proceed with him rather than the others we asked. We are very happy that the broker helped us and gave us all the support. Although the lender took a long time to review documents, the broker did not give up.

Mrs A, Family Shopper-

The broker was introduced by a friend. Since meeting him first, the process from start to finish has been smooth in spite of the pandemic and the hurdles which were placed with delays and processes.
The deal was completed. I find the broker always had time and returned all calls and emails the same day.

Mr P, Retail business

The client was introduced by another friend. The process to get the offer from the bank was very quick. Also the rest of the process was quick and the broker dealt with Estate agents, solicitors and bank. Due to various reasons the completion took more than 9 months and the broker stood by the whole process until completion.

Mrs T, Shop and Post office wales

The brokers were introduced by my brother. The process was transparent and everything was explained at the start. The broker worked with the solicitors and bank and made sure of the progress and to a successful completion. Very friendly and approachable comoany.

Mr K, Premier shop Birmingham

Spoke to the broker introduced by my friend- He visited me twice to collect all the documents, completed all the forms and processed the application with Lloyds- within 5 days, I had the offer letter from the bank. This was a very quick and professional service. However, sadly we lost the property due to a higher offer by someone else- I will continue to deal with the company when i find my next business.

Mrs T, Bestone - Oxford

I have dealt with the broker before and approached to remortgage and purchase new business. The broker was friendly and approachable anytime. He dealt with the seller and also solicitors to sort out matters. Also any issues which were there, he was able to resolve it with the bank. I have recommended him to many of my friends.

Mr S, Premier Milton Keynes

Been introudced by the seller of the shop, I approached the broker. He explained eveyrthing including the fees and cost. Obtained the formal offer within 4 weeks and guided me through every step with the bank and solicitors. Although there were many issues, he managed to get the purchase to a sucessful end.

Mr J, Shop in Aylesbury

I was introduced to the broker by the seller of the shop. my experience with the firm was excellent from start to finish. All the hurdlesI had made me very stressed, however, the broker managed to fix all the issues and completed the purchase- thank you for a brilliant service

David, Durham Lifestyle

I was introduced to the broker by my family memeber who has used for several loans. my knowledge was limited to finance and figures. However, the broker always guided me with all the process from application to legal. clearly explained the fees, time etc. dealt with the solicitors, valuers and sellers and brought the completion to a sucess. I am very pleased with the service and will recommend then anytime.

Mrs K, Costcutter

The broker was introduced by a friend of mine. since the initial contact until completion, they guided me, gave us all the information required and communication was excellent. they are very approachable and friendly. Glad to recommend them to anyone.

Mrs V, Premier supermarket Hereford

The broker was introduced by a friend who used the services. I was happy with the way the process was dealt and offer received in couple of weeks.. Communication was excellent and always helped me from the start till I took over the keys for the shop. Accompanied to all the bank appointments and explained the process highly recommend the services.

Mrs K, Shop in Nottingham

The consultant was introduced by a friend. I was impressed with the service and the speed. Everything was explained from the start in relation to fees and time factor- managed to deal with all the obstacles I had with the seller and Landlord and brought the purchase to a successful end.

Mr M, Supermarket Surrey

The process of applying for finance with the bank was daunting. I did not know much about the finance, but the broker was extremely helpful in explaining the process, dealing with the seller and solicitors and enable to get an offer of finance very quickly and gave all help till I took over the shop. reasonable fees and great service.

Mr A, Convenience Store Liverpool

This has been a very complicated process with refinancing part of the debt from another lender and obtaining new finance for the freehold purchase- helped to over come all the barriers and completed the matter after a long time. great broker to deal with and offers help anytime needed. already recommended for my brother for his purchase.

Mrs A, Nisa Local

Great Service- always kept me updated - always responded to the emails and messages. Speedy service in obtaining the offer- really appreciated the way the company dealt with the case and highly recommend them for more of a one to one service.

Mr V, Mottingham PO and Stores

I was introduced to the company by my friend who had funding arranged through them. From the first call until completion the company dealt with all the hassle which I thought was a problem, promptly and professionally. I was accompanied to all the bank appointments and all the paper work was explained to me as well. Certainly will pass on the details to other friend and family.

Mr I, Shop and Post office in Gravesend

Company recommended by my friend- great service- went out of the way to help with the lender securing the best deal and also answering all the complicated questions which I did not understand. At every stage I was guided and the consultant kept me up to date all the time.

Mrs V, Post office and Supermarket- Newcastle

The company was introduced by my accountant. Although at the start I did not know how it will be dealing with the consultant, I have to say that I have had a great journey with this company, who dealt obtaining funding to purchase my second business. They took all the pressure and stress from me and dealt with the agents, Solicitors and vendors. Great service and I will recommend them. I still call them if I need help and they are very happy to assist me.

Mrs K, Leicester supermarket

they were recommended by my friend. Brilliant company to place your deal. They dealt not just with the lender, spoke to the seller and both parties solicitors and was dealing more than what they should be doing to see a successful completion. The most important about this firm is they are always ready to help and deal with situations beyond my control. highly recommend them.

Mr V, 3 shops in Chelsea

Great company to deal with. with so many things going wrong on the way, the consultant took all the stress from me and dealt with the solicitors and lender to over come the problems and brought the purchase and refinance to a successful end. I already recommended to my family and they too have completed a deal. friendly and approachable anytime.

Mr N, Shop and Flat- Walthamstow

Communication and support are great with this company. They obtained the funding quickly and managed to complete within the timescales set by the Seller- very polite and friendly people to deal with.

Mr S- Wales, One Stop Stores

Great service and support from a superb company
Icthus Consultants provided a robust service from obtaining funding to liaising with all parties to make sure my Post office Deal completed smoothly. The company Genuinely provides a one to one service and takes away the stress of dealing with banks, agents and Vendors.

Mr T, Post Office and Supermarket

The way the documents are packaged and sent to us by Icthus Consultants, makes it easier for us to go to our credit office and obtain an offer. All the information relating to the business and the person are clearly laid out with financial information make is easy for us to assess the case quickly. Its a pleasure to work with you.

High Street Lender, Bromley London

I have received the best service from Icthus Consultants. Since the first meeting, I was fully kept informed of the process and all meetings held with the bank was accompanied by the Consultant. Everything was explained clearly and until I took over the business, the consultant guided me. Great service and fully recommend the company service to others.

Mr V, Service Station and Shop Derby

The company has been excellent in delivering funding to purchase a house to care for adults with various needs. Victor worked with the Lender to meet deadlines in spite of various hurdles we have to face. I am impressed with the service I have received and will recommend Icthus Consultants.

Ms K, Carehome/assisted living

Great company to deal. They are professional, friendly and approachable, Excellent communication and obtained the best deal. This was a very difficult funding to obtain and the consultant dealt with the agent, vendor and the solicitors which took the pressure off from me. I will deal with them again for the next shop.

Mr G, Premier supermarket

'Passionate brokers who are friendly and approachable'
Icthus Consultants were amazing in sourcing the best deal in the market for purchasing our business. The broker was friendly, had excellent knowledge of the business and treated us with passion and enthusiasm. He helped us to pass various hurdles and brought the whole process to a successful end. We are very pleased that we were introduced to this company and will be passing their details to our family and friends.

Mr & Mrs P, Shop and Post office in Northampton

Thank you!
It has been a pleasure working with Icthus Consultants to secure funding for my first supermarket. Their advise and support from viewing the shop to obtaining funding has been exemplary. I will certainly be back in touch with them for my future expansion. Highly recommend them for other business owners.

Mr A, Supermarket in Liverpool

Fought until the end!
Obtaining an existing business was not the most straight forward deal, however, Icthus Consultants never gave up hope. They tried their best to get the best deal and went beyond the mile to assist me in starting my new venture! I simply cannot thank you enough for all that you have done! I will certainly recommend you

Owner of Euro Foods, Barnet.

Quality Businesses!
We have been dealing with Icthus Consultants for many years. We must say, the quality of their work is perfect. We are delighted to recommend their services anytime.

Lender, High Street Bank, UK

Excellent Service!
Icthus Consultants has been a joy to work with, I have never used a broker before. But I found the experience exceeding my expectation.

Mr S, Convenience Store, Liverpool

Professional Company!
An extremely efficient service, backed up by professionalism and attention to detail. Provided very fast offer and completion process for my commercial investment property.

Mr I, Sutton

Patient and Perfect
I have been a client with Icthus Consultants for few years, they managed to obtain loan offer to re-mortgage my exiting business and also to buy a new business. They managed to overcome all obstacles during a stressful period dealing with solicitors and agents and bringing the completion to a successful end.

Mrs S, Post Office, Rotherfield